Why New Grounds?

Creating new grounds within the Life Sciences and Biotechnology Industry is the basis of our model. We find the root cause of a problem and source the most effective solution. By assessing the application of the solution to human needs we support the sustainable development of the Life Sciences Sector 

Our Industry experts assess the validity of the problem faced and the viability of the solution offered.


Identify the Need. Incubate the Solution. Create New Grounds.  

The more we know about the world the more we can begin to predict its behaviour. We understand that the purpose of solving problems is to have needs met and thus receive a reward. The more we know by conducting this problem, solution reward assessment, the more we can understand about whether needs are being met effectively. 


The more we understand about how to meet needs, the better we can predict how they can be met in the future, resulting in the most efficient solution receiving investment and therefore the most fruitful reward. 

Our Analysts

Our Investment Analysts work heavily with our investors and companies to ensure effective strategic organisational management to provide the best opportunity for success and venture. By conducting Investor and Investment analysis we productively create a streamlined approach to our ventures and ensure company values and principles are aligned with our stakeholders.

Our Industry Analysts conduct a continued in-depth analysis of the Life Sciences sector utilising the Problem Solution Reward Model engrained in New Grounds culture we assess the root cause of the problem and acknowledge the need that must be met in order to promote sustainable business development. 

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