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Biotech – The Root Cause of New Grounds

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The Need

At New Grounds, we recognise the importance of fulfilling human needs. The needs that are not met will manifest as problems that we will face in our everyday lives and can result in us feeling unsatisfied and incomplete. Subsequently, we are constantly searching for the best solution to fulfil our needs.

The more we understand about the world we live in, the better we can predict how to solve its problems and meet its needs with the fewest possible consequences. As such, we channel a ‘Problem, Solution, Reward’ philosophy into every task we face, such that we better understand and thus maximise reward in each of our operations.

The Problem

The approach of society to problem-solving during the Industrial age was to alleviate problems in the most convenient way, with little-to-no consideration of the aftereffects. This undoubtedly led to revolutionary discoveries such as antibiotics and motorised transport. However, this nonchalant approach to problems is epitomised by the emergence of antibiotic resistance. If in 1928, when Fleming discovered Penicillin, it was known what disastrous effects antibiotic abuse could cause, would he have done things differently?

However, now that we live in the information age, we cannot accept a solution on convenience alone. We need to fully consider all problems, from the needs they stem from, to the quality and impact of a solution. As when we fast-forward nearly 100 years from Fleming, and our haphazard approach to antibiotics has meant bacterial infections are as relevant today as they were then. This cements our desire to not only understand a problem but appreciate the impact it has on the world around us, and the potential consequences if solved, not only to better receive a reward, but also to prevent future problems.

Image Credit: The National Cancer Institute

The Solution

We know now that world is changing, and we as inhabitants must look to change it for the better in order to survive. Threats such as antibiotic resistance and the gradual depletion of fossil fuels are making us re-evaluate the problems that we “solved” generations ago, and reconsider how to approach them in a more considered, sustainable manner. We believe our responsibility is to leave the planet in a better state than we found it. Not just as a company, but the individuals who work in it, allowing future generations to have a better quality of life. 

Additionally, the information age has massively impacted the capabilities of Biotech. With promising advances in DNA technology, to expansive gene library databases, to ever-growing implementations of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Culminating in Biotech solutions becoming increasing designable. Therefore, we can use Biotech to solve more and more problems that we couldn’t solve with previous approaches.

Biotechnology’s merit to solve important social issues is reflected in its applications in each of the six megatrends of the 21st century: urbanisation and the reduction of arable land, climate change and resource scarcity, healthcare innovations and longevity, shifts in global economic power, demographic and social change and technological breakthroughs.

At New Grounds we are especially excited to be working in Biotech, as it not only represents hope for some of the most complex problems facing the planet. But also, its breadth of application means that no-two investments are the same, and such we are required to have an ethos around learning and growth, which we as a team absolutely relish. 

We believe investing at Biotech is the perfect avenue to realise this future. Biotech is the positive manipulation of the living world around us and is inherently adaptable to our every need. As it is known that ‘life finds a way’, so life must be the way we as a species answer the questions we have about the future of our existence.

“Identify the need. Incubate the solution. Break New Grounds.”

- New Grounds Philosophy

We look forward to hearing about you.

The New Grounds team.

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